Know your guests

Be careful who you let in your home especially if you live in a multi unit building. Recently in very nice neighborhoods in San Francisco, convicted violent felons have been getting into buildings through the front door. It appears in some cases someone has just “buzzed” them in without seeing who they were. Another reason for people to have visual door monitors. (gee maybe I should be plugging a company:)
Also, verify someone who purports to be a utility person or uniformed vendor.
Taking that extra step to see who is there could save your life or the very least, your possessions.


Your I.D.

While on homes tour today, I stumbled upon a girl’s wallet in the street.  After perusing through it, I realized I would have to play detective as she had no local contact info and no phone # anywhere. All that was there was an out of state driver’s license, a bit of cash, an insurance card and a couple of credit cards. After going through the nightmare of automated call centers, I finally find one that would give me a live voice so I could report that her card was lost and that she could contact me for her wallet etc.  Luckily, within the hour she had contacted her credit card company and then phoned me. I had thought she might be a student as I found it near USF but turns out she was in town interviewing.   Word to the wise, if you don’t have a business card, put a phone number in your card case or wallet so us good samaritans can track you down without putting you at risk.

article on Sam Walton College of Business

Jingle & Mingle in San Francisco

Tonight is Jingle & Mingle a spectacular fundraiser displaying uniquely designed wreaths from San Francisco’s finest designers all available for purchase to support Children of Shelters.  This event is alway full of merry and a worthwhile cause.  Tickets might still be available at the door.  check

If you have children, check out their Santafest party on Saturday, 12/5 at the Presidio.

Good News for First Time Homebuyers

In case you have been sitting on the fence, here is one more reason to step up and buy while rates are low.$FILE/government_affairs_tax_credit_ext_chart_110409.pdf

Thanksgiving Grease

Besides the turkey hangover, some of us have cooking grease to contend with.    Recycle it for biodiesel vehicles and you’ll save your drains and sewers.  To find a recycle center go to

A little trash talk: Composting is a no brainer.

A simple way to cut your energy bills.

A great value in San Francisco

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