Your I.D.

While on homes tour today, I stumbled upon a girl’s wallet in the street.  After perusing through it, I realized I would have to play detective as she had no local contact info and no phone # anywhere. All that was there was an out of state driver’s license, a bit of cash, an insurance card and a couple of credit cards. After going through the nightmare of automated call centers, I finally find one that would give me a live voice so I could report that her card was lost and that she could contact me for her wallet etc.  Luckily, within the hour she had contacted her credit card company and then phoned me. I had thought she might be a student as I found it near USF but turns out she was in town interviewing.   Word to the wise, if you don’t have a business card, put a phone number in your card case or wallet so us good samaritans can track you down without putting you at risk.


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